Text Panels for FCPX

Text Panels is a great set of title effects with tons of presets, customizable background shapes and lower third options. Text Panels is distributed exclusively by our friends at FxFactory. When you download the FxFactory app you can try a watermarked version of Borders for free.

Background Shapes

Text Panels features five customizable background shapes, appropriate for a variety of uses.

34 Convenient Presets

There are multiple presets for each background shape, including lower thirds. These presets help speed up the process of customizing a title for your project.

Shape Control

Each background shape has inspector controls so you can change the actual shape of the panel. Some of the controls are specific to each shape, such as the points on this Retro Panel.

Build Animation

Every shape has build options allowing you to easily animate your titles. You can select a build option for the Panel and the Text independently. Mix, match and create a truly unique look for your title.

Custom Backgrounds

The Panel Fill menu can be set to Solid Color, Gradient or Drop Zone. The Drop Zone fill lets you choose any image or clip for the panel background. In this example, the Drop Zone is filled with ‘Wood’ – one of the standard Final Cut Pro Generators.

One more thing!

Check out this video and find out how you can use Text Panels in your next project. And remember, you can try a watermarked version free when you download the FxFactory App.