TransiMaticâ„¢ for FCPX

Swing, slide and flip clips like a pro with TransiMatic. Every one of the 10 transitions in this pack has additional animation options for life-like bounces, flaps and spring-loaded twangs.

Works Inside FCPX

TransiMatic was designed specifically for FCPX. It’s a full-featured transitions pack with a healthy set of Inspector controls. When it comes to movement, TransiMatic fills a vital role in your FCPX transitions library.

On Screen Control

On-Screen control lets you make fine-tuned adjustments. Point the flipping action in any direction. Reposition the crease-location of the fold transition. You can even highlight a portion of the screen so the action take place within a smaller area. These features are great for animating titles and logos.

One more thing!

Check out the playful side of TransiMatic in this video. These examples demonstrate how useful TransiMatic can be for titles, in addition to full-frame clips.