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Support for SquidFX Text Panels:

Instructions and FAQ

Support for SquidFX Borders:

Instructions and FAQ

Video Tutorials for TransiMatic:

A Brief Introduction to TransiMatic A Brief Introduction to TransiMatic
  • Where to find TransiMatic in FCP
  • A demonstration of Direction and Motion options
  • Overview of Edge Thickness and On Screen Location Controls
Transition Speed and Duration Transition Speed and Duration
  • Methods for changing transition durations
  • Setting a default duration in Preferences
  • Note: This beginner-level information can be used with any FCP transition
On Screen Location Controls On Screen Location Controls
  • Using TransiMatic when clips are smaller than full-frame
  • Examples: Scaled down images, logos, lower thirds
  • Level: Intermediate
Secondary Storylines Secondary Storylines
  • Using TransiMatic above the Primary Storyline
  • Examples: B-Roll, Slideshows, Flipping multiple text objects
  • In-depth explinations of the Background and Display options
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Troubleshooting issues with On-Screen-Controls

Video Tutorials for Title Pilot:

A Brief Introduction to Title Pilot A Brief Introduction to Title Pilot
  • Adding Title Pilot to the timeline
  • A demonstration of the main inspector controls
  • Using Custom Path Edit Mode
Basic Text Formatting Basic Text Formatting
  • Text tools: tracking, kerning and line spacing
  • Text colors and outlines
  • Combining text colors with Title Pilot’s TextFX
Flying text in and back out the other way Flying text in and back out the other way
  • Combining multiple instances of Title Pilot
  • Retiming a title by turning it into a Compound Clip
  • Adding a retime-hold action
Additional Frequently Asked Questions for Title Pilot

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