Frequently Asked Questions for Title Pilot

Can I use Title Pilot to make stationary text? I don’t want the title to move forward or backward at all.

Yes, you can do that. Use these setting with Title Pilot – Build On
Direction: Toward Camera
Flight Distance: 0

How do you change the speed of the flying text for Title Pilot – Build On?

The build-on file can’t be sped up by changing it’s duration on the timeline. Instead you will have to re-time the clip, and to do that you have to convert it to Compound Clip. Follow these steps:

1. Apply font, style, 3D and other controls so the clip looks how you want it (you can do this later too but it’s easier to get it right at the beginning)
2. Select the title on the timeline and turn it into a compound clip (option-g)
3. Go to the final frame of the clip, you’ll know you’re there when you see a backwards L shape in the bottom-right of the viewer
4. Apply a retiming-hold (command-h)
5. Change the first retiming section to speed up or slow down the title while the text is flying – extend the red portion to make the text stay still for a longer time (see image below)