TransiMatic On Screen Controls – Troubleshooting

Having trouble seeing those on screen controls?

1. Make sure the playhead is stopped over the transition, and the transition is selected on the Timeline.

2. Some on screen controls such as “Custom Hinge Location” appear as a thin bar that lights up when you hover over it (see image below). However, that bar might not be visible against a very dark background. Hover your mouse over the screen until it lights up as you pass over it. You may also wish to temporarily zoom out to a smaller screen-size (such as 25%) where the lighter border color will make the location of the thin bar more apparent.

3. The on-screen controls are only shown if you prompt them from the inspector – for example, Direction must be set to “Custom – on screen control” for anything to show up on-screen.

4. You may find yourself in a situation where you’ve selected two different on screen controls and one becomes inaccessible. Temporarily turn off the on-screen-control that is “covering” the one you can’t access. Turn it back on after you make the changes you couldn’t make before. It will retain it’s previous settings even though you temporarily turned it off.

5. In rare instances some screen controls display at the incorrect angle on the final frame(s) of the transition. You may need to move the playhead to the left a few frames in order for them to display at the correct angle.

6. In extremely rare instances FCPX does not display on screen controls at all and must be restarted.